Awesome Gas Pizza Oven

Long time no post, so I thought it was about time I got around to giving you guys something. A mate of mine pumps out some amazing pizza’s with this bit of kit. It’s an unreal addition to any BBQ area, thats for sure!

There are a whole lot of different ovens similar to this, so I’m not saying you need to buy exactly this one. Just giving you ideas :)

This one in particular can be found at GasMate Australia, so check it out.

Designing And Building A Pizza Oven For Your Home

For anyone who has ever eaten and tasted some delicious home foods that was cooked inside of a wood fire pizza oven will always want to return for more as the quality of taste that comes from these ovens is so appealing. Building a pizza oven is fairly easy to construct and for a choice builder you can choose between cast iron or masonry.

Over the years there has been a lot of improvements for building your own pizza oven. Whether the oven is for outdoors or inside the kitchen these type of ovens can add some real beauty and a unique touch to your home and not to mention some value too.

One of the materials that you shall need to use for the foundation is concrete and also some fire bricks. Should you choose to build it yourself can add some stone face for some added beauty. Also you will want doors, shelves, tiles, and storage cloves. Cubby holes and a worktop area should be added for more convenience.

This project unusually takes about one month to complete, but for those people who do not want to undertake the project, you can purchase a Mexican cast iron oven, which looks so stunning in and patio or landscape.

Regardless of what material you use whether it is brick, stone or even wood siding, a southwestern style cast iron shall complement any decor of your home. After you done with your project all of the neighbors will smell that fine aroma of chicken, artistic bread and of coarse the pizza. They shall be enticed on building their own or maybe just drop by to sample some of that fine food from your oven.

These type of ovens are known to be quite easy to assemble and can last for a life time. You can get caps to cover the chimney for any inclement weather and also can be turned into an outdoor grill should the chimney be removed. These functional ovens will stand out with their rustic beauty for everyone to see and marvel at its presence.

Pros And Cons Of A DIY Pizza Oven

Today, the humble pizza is one of the most widely consumed foods in the western world. There is very little that can compare with a pizza packed full of mouth-watering toppings. If you are interested in a novel way of producing the flavors and selections you love and enjoy then you should learn about the pros and cons of a DIY Pizza Oven

To start with there is the environmental aspect. A DIY pizza oven would normally use wood as its fuel source as opposed to electricity or gas. Though this is obviously greener, the wood should come from a sustainable source as otherwise you would be contributing to the degradation of the natural environment. The burning of wood produces a far smaller carbon footprint than if you were to use gas or electric as less energy is required.

Another consideration is the taste. If you have never tried a pizza cooked on a natural wood stove then you do not know what you are missing. It adds a delicate aroma to the pizza which is simply not present when using conventional cooking methods. In fact, traditionally a pizza would have been made in a wood powered oven, just ask any Italian.

The time is takes to cook a pizza on a wood oven is also far less than through a conventional gas or electric cooker. They can produce the most amazing pizzas in less than fifteen minutes and without burning the base or the crust. Of course you would need to ensure that the DIY pizza oven is heated to the right temperature as otherwise you may not get the results you desire.

Finally there is the warmth that a homemade wood fueled oven can bring. On a cold winters night you would love the heat that they give off and as the walls are generally four inches or more in thickness the heat can linger for many hours.

Advantages of a Brick Pizza Oven

With the advent of the “green” wave of technology and the back to nature movement, customers and businesses alike are striving for a more cost efficient process. This has spread to the restaurant industry as well, since many of these techniques were formerly used there. One of the most intriguing ways of combining these 2 ideals is the use of wood fired stoves and ovens in lieu of gas and electric ones. The best example of this is found in an old style Italian pizzeria, that still uses the Brick Pizza Oven. This method of cooking is particularly useful for this delicious specialty item.

The advantages of a brick pizza oven include using less power, faster cooking times and using natural elements for making the very best pizza on earth. Since most of these appliances use a wood fire to heat up the oven, there is obviously less energy being consumed. A typical appliance of this nature can consume thousands of watts, making it very expensive to operate. On the other hand, brick pizza ovens only produce heat and some residual ash. If scrap wood is used for fuel, this is a significant savings in fuel and electricity costs.

The walls of this type of oven are at least 4 inches thick. Once they are sufficiently heated up (400 to 900 degrees), a brief cooling period takes place. A pizza can then be cooked in as little as 90 seconds without any burning at the bottom or edges. This ensures that only the great taste will come through without any after taste caused by the appliance. It is a practice that has gone on for centuries, and is now just being rediscovered by the general public.

Probably one of the best advantages of a brick pizza oven are that is used natural materials. The walls are constructed of stone, the very same thing that has been used for centuries. After the fire is built and the oven is heated up, a small bit is kept burning with the remainder swept out. Since stone is a highly refractive substance, the heat is even and will cook the pizza from all sides quite evenly. This is the main reason that customers are actively seeking out establishments such as these that boast brick pizza ovens. There is no better tasting food on earth than this specialty Italian dish made the old fashioned way.

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The Decision To Build Or Buy A Pizza Oven

For the casual pizza maker, it seems fairly obvious to go after a smaller, cheaper and/or simpler pizza oven for your creations. For the avid pizza connoisseur however, the choice to build or buy your pizza oven may not be as easy. There are many factors which would influence your decision either way, which is what we are here to talk about.

A bought pizza oven has several advantages. Firstly and most obviously, there is little to no effort involved. Short of plugging in a gas bottle on an outdoor gas pizza oven or plugging in the cord on a counter top electric pizza oven, there is pretty much nothing involved. They are usually very efficient, and most of the time it is actually hard to fail at making pizza. This is because these ovens, mass-produced or otherwise, have been developed by teams of people who know what they are doing. They have the consumer on their mind and want them to be able to make pizza at home with little complications. This leads me to the downsides. A bought pizza oven will rarely allow for any customization. Pretty much all the control you will get is the heat on the top and bottom elements or burners. This is more than enough for most home pizza oven users, so don’t let this scare you off.

On the other end of the scale, building your own oven from scratch still has its advantages and disadvantages. The end result may have the potential to produce the most amazing results, but there are a few factors which determine this. The assumption is that if you are building your own pizza oven, it will be of the wood fired variety, as all other ovens can be bought with ease. Many people do not realise the skill involved in cooking a pizza in a wood fired pizza oven. As there are no elements, and fire is nowhere near as consistent, cooking the pizza evenly can be a bit of a task.

Then there is the difficulty in building the oven itself – probably a lot more work than learning to cook the pizza! The raw materials, the manual labour and the sheer amount of time and effort required are enough to put most people off. Getting it right will take some skill and patience. More-so if you are not all that good with your handy work. All this said, handy people who love their home made pizza will get a huge thrill out of building their own pizza oven. The finished product will usually be very gloat worthy, and has the capacity to entertain a fairly large crowd at parties and functions. A DIY pizza oven is a great idea if you fall into this category.

Finally, there is a middle ground. This is where the not so handy people can still get away with building their own pizza oven. Pizza oven kits are available in many countries. You can actually build a large outdoor pizza oven from a kit. This means step by step instructions with a degree of customization whereby you can still build and impressive oven without anywhere near the amount of technical know how required to build one from raw materials.

Whichever route you choose, there is no doubt that home made pizza is leaps and bounds ahead of take out and supermarket pizza. What are you waiting for, get yourself a pizza oven!

Types Of Restaurant Pizza Oven

Investing in a good quality restaurant pizza oven is imperative to the efficient and timely operation of service at any restaurant. This goes without saying, but to make the best pizza it is important to use the best ingredients possible. Mixing fresh ingredients with a fantastic recipe can result in a mouth watering pizza. To bring it all together and produce the final product is where the oven comes in. There are several different types of restaurant pizza ovens that are available. Although they all are designed to cook a pizza there are several pros and cons to each oven. There are four main types of ovens that a pizza maker can use.

The first type of restaurant pizza oven is the brick pizza oven. Many prideful pizza makers feel as though the brick oven is the best way to cook a pizza. It is modeled after ancient bakery ovens and is powered by wood but gas and coal can also be used. Brick oven pizzas are best to emulate the traditional way of baking. The stone’s conduct heat, while the dome shaped top reflects the heat back at the pizzas. It can take anywhere from 90 seconds to 5 minutes to cook a pizza in a brick oven depending on the number of pizzas and the thickness.

Pizza deck ovens are the best alternative to a traditional brick oven pizza. The are ideal for pizza makers who want to have an authentic tasting brick oven pizza without the cost of installing and maintaining the brick oven. The pizza deck use either gas or electricity to heat stones inside them to cook pizza. Cooking time for a pizza in a pizza deck can range form six to eight minutes.

The third type of restaurant pizza oven is the convection oven. Pizza convection ovens are becoming an attractive option to many as they use less energy and cook a pizza in less time while still maintaining the traditional pizza taste. Convection ovens are heated by a fan in the back of the oven that spreads the heat across the pizzas. It can cook a pizza in five to six minutes at 460 degrees Fahrenheit, a lower temperature than other pizza ovens.

The final type of oven is a conveyor pizza oven. A conveyor oven is smaller than a typical oven and is perfect for a restaurant that does not serve a high volume of pizza. It can also be used to toast sandwiches, and cook anything that is small enough to fit through the opening. Generally conveyor ovens use either gas or electricity to heat them, and can cook a pizza in four to five minutes.

Depending on the needs of the restaurant and pizza maker there are different options to satisfy different needs. Even if it is not possible to install a brick oven pizza, it is still possible to get an authentic brick oven pizza taste from the other ovens that are available.

Pizza Stones For Sale

Pizza Stones For Sale

It is undeniable that a pizza stone will improve the quality of any home made pizza. The most noticeable different is in the base. Generally, using a pizza stone in your cooking will produce a crispier base – no more soggy home made pizzas! So essentially, you will end up with a better tasting pizza as well. Of course, the other option is to use a masonry oven, but not everyone has the time, money or space for one of them. For everyone else, you will need to find pizza stones for sale.

To learn all about why the use of a pizza stone result in better pizza, read this post on pizza stones.

When looking for pizza stones for sale, there are a whole bunch of options. A variety of sizes and shapes may have you wondering just which one your should buy. First, look at the size of your oven. Measure it if you have to (recommended!). We are talking internal dimensions – so the size of the inside of your oven – take a couple of centimeters off this and that is the biggest size of pizza stone for sale that you can fit. It may seem obvious, but in case the question comes up, we have to say that if you have a square oven of a certain width and depth, take the smallest of the two, and that is the largest circular pizza stone you should go for.

The choice between square and circle really comes down to personal preference. There is no real benefit to having a square pizza stone other than if you like to make square pizzas. If you like making square pizzas, well the choice seems pretty obvious!

Stay tuned for some of the best options of pizza stones for sale right here at Online Pizza Ovens.

What Makes A Wood Fired Pizza Oven So Brilliant?

A lot of people love pizza. Many people have people over and have backyard parties. Typically, this involves outdoor cooking. A wood fired pizza oven is perfect for this and is a brilliant option for cooking. Here is some information on what makes a wood fired pizza oven so brilliant.

This type of oven can produce different flavors and aromas. It can give a pizza a smoky taste, make it crispier, and more authentic in regard to how it is made in Italy. These ovens heat up very quickly and they trap heat very well so food inside will cook at a fast pace. This is great for people that want to save time, especially for those that wish to entertain and socialize more at their outdoors parties.

They are typically made out of three materials. The materials are ceramic, clay, and bricks. Each of these materials are not harmful to the environment. This makes them safe for cooking, handling, and safe for food. Some models do come in metal as well so people have some selection to choose from.

These ovens only require a small amount of fuel and wood. The heat can last all day so they are efficient and economical. Another good thing is that they do not cost as much as a completely authentic Italian oven. Also, they do not produce any chemical or harmful gases so they are environmentally friendly.

Other than pizza, these ovens can cook other things as well. Things like breads and meats can be cooked in one. They can even be grilled inside one and slow cooked so they are a versatile cooking tool.

That was some information on what makes a wood fired pizza oven so brilliant. It is great for cooking outdoors and can make a great tasting and authentic pizza. In addition to pizza, it can also cook other foods as well.

Why To Use A Conveyor Pizza Oven For Efficient Cooking

Starting up your own business can be a challenge at first. However, for some people when they are opening up a pizza business they might not realize why they need to use a conveyor pizza oven for efficient cooking. Since they might not realize this they will want to have some information on why they want to use these and here are three reasons as to why these should be used in relation to other types.

One reason is that they are going to have a belt to allow for even cooking. Rather than have people complain to you about one part of the food being done and the other part not being done this will cook it evenly the entire time. So you will not be fielding complaints and giving food away.

Another reason to use them is they generally cook from both the top and bottom allowing for even cooking. When the pizza is being cooked from both the top and the bottom you will know that it will be cooked properly. You are also going to know that all the items on it will be getting done at the same time.

Something else that you might not realize is that they are generally going to help keep you from being burnt. Many of these will have an extra landing area that it will deliver the finished product onto. Since this is usually away from the heat source your not going to have to worry about burning your hands getting the pizza out of the oven.

When you are starting out your own business you know that it can be a difficult thing to do. However, when you are opening up a pizza business you are going to realize that you should use a conveyor pizza over for efficient cooking. By realizing this when in the planning stages you will be able to purchase your own and know that you can have it for years to come.

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Features Of A Commercial Pizza Oven

A commercial pizza oven is designed specifically for use in a restaurant or business as a quick way to cook multiple orders at once. When looking for an oven for your restaurant or business, keep in mind some key factors in your decision. Staying within budget is most business owners concern, and then there is functionality and finally available space.

First and foremost is your budget. Determine how much you can spend at the very most and research the different types of ovens in your price range. Larger ovens tend to be more expensive but think about your need for fast productivity. You will want to work efficiently and serving orders faster also means faster sales.

Then take a measurement to get the dimensions of the space you will be placing the oven in. Do you have the space needed for a larger oven or is something more compact all you can accommodate? Keep in mind these ovens will be reaching extremely high temperature, ample open floor space is a safety requirement so leave extra room.

There are two main types of ovens, brick and conveyor. The type of oven will depend on what you are cooking. If you have a pizza restaurant the conveyor style will be required as baking time needs to be efficient. They vary in the speed of the cooking time, usually from two to five minutes. Ovens used for baking pies, cooking pasta dishes and other foods are similar to home ovens with the front door access. Conveyor style is not really needed.

Finally, most ovens come in gas or electric models. Gas models heat up quickly to about 650 degrees. They are built in stainless steel, fully insulated and easy to clean. The electric commercial pizza oven are the more compact variety and are powered by 120 or 240 volt electricity and like gas, are available in single or double decks. Also check out restaurant pizza ovens.