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Acquiring a pizza oven can be an expensive exercise. You can still find a lot of cheap pizza ovens around but the quality, top end pizza ovens can put you seriously out of pocket! If you are truly a pizza fanatic, like everyone here at Online Pizza Ovens, you will want the best for your home made masterpieces. This usually means a good quality pizza oven. Luckily, there is an easy compromise. Why not go for a used pizza oven – you will be surprised at the kind of quality used pizza ovens you can find at much more enticing prices.

The biggest question that comes up at this point is: Where do I find a used pizza oven? It isn’t as hard as you may think. We will get to these places in a minute, but first we will cover what you should look for when looking for used pizza ovens for sale. Most of these are pretty obvious.

When inspecting the oven it is easy to see its overall condition. If it looks dirty, maybe it can simply be cleaned, but if it is so dirty and old that it no longer looks appealing, you may want to steer clear. With that said, some old backyard ovens can cook some of the best pizza! If the outside looks freshly painted, find out if it was done correctly with heat proof paint, else you will start cooking only to find the paint peeling and possibly catching on fire – not the most ideal situation. For electric pizza ovens, check the operation of each grill, and check that the grills are not covered in muck and grime. For gas pizza ovens, ensure all the burners are firing correctly. Never purchase a used pizza oven without testing it with gas in person!

You will probably be surprised at the quality of used pizza ovens around. Many people buy an oven and never end up using it, or maybe receive it as a gift. These will be near new condition and a fraction of the original price and are a great purchase.

So, where are the places to find a used pizza oven for sale?

Probably the easiest place is online. Auction sites or buy-it-now sites where people gather and sell things. Forums of home made pizza enthusiasts is another good place to look. Buying online however, usually means that you will not be able to inspect the pizza oven before purchase – except in the case of finding an oven online located in your area, which is entirely possible. That way you save on postage as well! Read the oven description thoroughly before purchase and look at photos carefully. If detailed photos are not provided, ask for them. If buying from a forum, investigate the reputation of the person.

Finding pizza ovens in classifieds falls in at the second simplest place to find a used pizza oven for sale. Online classifieds like Craigslist and Gumtree are big options as there is much more choice. Newspapers and other dedicated classified publications can often have good pizza ovens inside. This will allow you to inspect the oven personally before purchase, and you won’t have to pay postage either.

Some other options are restaurants which are closing down and garage sales. These two are much harder places to find a used pizza oven and will require a lot of searching. You will often find the best deals here though. Restaurant pizza ovens will often be heavily used, but will have a lot of power and throughput, if you want to entertain many guests with your pizza making skills!

Good luck in finding your oven!

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